Morning Coffee to a Day Full of Christ

Thanks for joining me! Every morning for 20 years I wake up, pour myself a strong cup of coffee, light a candle, sit on my coziest chair. In this moment in the wee hours of the morning I sit with God and experience his ever loving presence. Together I hope we can share some of Gods inspirations that encourage to face our life’s toughest challenges in our day to come.

With Jesus in her heart and coffee in her hand she is unstoppable ❤


Journey with Jesus

Sitting with Jesus my heart and mind were troubled. I closed my eyes and I saw Jesus and I on a road that leads us on a journey. I will be on a journey and Jesus is beside me. I think Jesus puts us on journey‘s, and the only way to understand the journey is through prayer. Quiet moments with Jesus.

I found this passage from Luke 14:12-14.

“He said also to the man who had invited him, “When you give a dinner or a banquet, do not invite your friends or your brothers or your relatives or rich neighbors, lest they also invite you in return and you be repaid. But when you give a feast, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed, because they cannot repay you. For you will be repaid at the resurrection of the just.”

I liked this verse because God calls us to act differently and unexpectedly. God calls us invite those who cannot reciprocate the good deeds that we do for them. This hits me because I work with children with disabilities. The disabilities range from really high ability to low ability. Whatever the disability, there are challenges. Challenges to the child and the staff that work with the child. It often times can be exhausting trying to figure out and mediate how to best serve the child in the face of adversity. This morning I strongly felt the Lord saying, “It’s going to be okay. I will guide you. I love all my children, even the ones with disabilities.” Psalms 139: 13-16 says the Lord formed us in the womb and knitted us together….God only creates beauty (paraphrased).

I see my current journey clearly. It’s to help others understand about different types of disabilities. I think over this next year God will educate me and I will educate others. I didn’t see this journey clearly, but through prayer and acceptance of circumstance, I see it now. What is Gods journey for you? Pray and see what opens up for you 😁. Amen!

Jessie Tree

The Prophet Isaiah…. hmmmm, who is he? Lately many of the sermons have readings by the Prophet Isaiah. Probably because it’s a time of year where we are preparing for the birth of Jesus. The Prophet Isaiah’s claim to fame is his prediction of the messiah. Isaiah was chosen by God, given visions that predict circumstances of the times and the coming of the messiah. Isaiah lived 700 years before Christ. Isaiah died a martyr.

As you read through the book of Isaiah there are distinct predictions of Jesus coming. Isaiah 11:1-10 announces “a shoot sprout from the stump of Jessie.” This is a prediction that the messiah will be a descendant from the House of King David. As Jessie was King David’s Father. In medieval times, most homes had a Jessie Tree during this time of advent. It was an actual tree the depicted the life Jesus. Jesus was at the top and the rest of the tree has items that predict the coming of Jesus with prophecies and people. The tree is to remind us of Jesus and his rich and varied heritage. The tree Is a reminder of of God faithfulness through our lives and the Advent season. Jessie’s Tree reminds us that during our preparation of Christmas we should read parts of the Old Testament that predict the coming of Christ.

Why do I bring this up? It’s an interesting fact that I just learned and it reminds me of the richness of the Bible. The Bible is an incredible array of books placed in one source. The Bible tells us a story of man and it gives us a guide to live our life to a higher potential in Christ. I am also very humbled. The more I learn about our Triune God, the less I know, meaning there is so much deep analogies, explanations, and understanding the history of the times each book of the Bible is written gives us a better understanding of our Triune God.

Do You See What I See?

“Said the wind to the little lamb, do you see what I see?” These are the words of a popular Christmas Song, Do you Hear What I Hear? This song depicts the night Jesus was born in Bethlehem. It’s a scene of excitement and wonder as in the skies there is a heavenly vision that sees more then the stars in the sky.

Then I was reading Matthew 9:27-30, this is a scene where 2 blind men call out to Jesus as he passes them and they call out, “Jesus, son of David have pity on us.” So, what does Jesus do? Well, he takes pity on them. As the 2 blind men approach him, Jesus ask do you believe I can do this. The men respond,”yes”. Jesus states, “your faith has healed you”and the men have sight. They believed in their hearts that Jesus was the messiah and that belief gave them more then just sight, it gave the men Jesus. They saw Jesus not as a man, but a divine man who saved them. Wow! Then of course after experiencing such a miracle their faith led them to tell all of this experience. Alleluia!

As we are preparing for the coming of Christ how are our eyes of faith? I say this because keeping the eyes of faith and maintaining a vision of our living God can be a challenge in a world where there is upheaval. I take the weekends to regain my sight of God, so when I show up on Monday to work I am ready to “hit the ground running” and be a support to children and staff. Then by Friday I am exhausted, and my eyes may not be as bright and I wonder if God is sure he has me in the right spot. My eyes of faith may need more rest and spiritual nourishment. I find myself praying during the week, “Jesus, son of David have pity on me.” Like the blind men, God asks me, do you believe Nancy? I say yes, and my faith saves me.

The rest of the song continues in my head… “do you hear what I hear… a voice as a big as the sea….” In this Holiday Season the voice of the Holy Spirit continues to ring in my ears, that we have a savior and he is Jesus. Came into the world as a little child, naked and poor, his palace is a cave with goats and Oxen. Jesus came not impress people with riches and might, but instead to show a different kind of life. A life within the living God, who calls us to a higher form of living. Living in compassion, love for neighbors, forgiveness and peace.

My prayer for all today, “Lord open the eyes to our hearts we want to see you.”

Our Time is Limited…the Word of God is Forever

This morning as I was driving home from the gym, my 6 a.m. alarm went off. I noticed the clock in my car had the time at 5:58. For a moment I wondered which clock was right. Why did 2 minutes matter? Our lives revolve our time. Time to go to work, time to pay bills, time to look at vacation schedules… time, time, time. However, our “time” on earth is limited. 1 Peter: 1:24-25 states, “All flesh is like the grass, all its glory like the flower in the field; the grass withers and the flowers wilt, but the Word of God remains forever”.

Our time on earth is limited. Flesh is a finite existence, which will wither. Our mortal bodies will die, but our souls live on with God if we choose. God has breathed the breath of life into us. Through baptism we are made perfect. We are the keepers of our soul. The soul God has given us. How are we keeping our soul? Our time here on earth is limited and we can be like the grass and the flowers, in that we are fed by God. The grass and flowers are watered and fed by God, if their roots dig into the soil they will produce much beauty. Our souls are the same way. If we nurture our souls with God’s word, and we allow Gods word to sink deep within our soul, we too will have beauty in our lives and share that beauty with others. When our bodies wither away our souls will remain beautiful and with God.

Isaiah 40:3-10, makes the same proclamation. In this passage Isaiah is referencing the coming of Jesus and he uses the same reference of the grass and the flowers. “A voice says, ‘Proclaim’. ‘What should I proclaim?’, I ask. ‘All flesh is grass, and all loyalty the flowers of the field.'” The grass withers, the flowers wilt when the Lord blows on it. …. the word of the Lord lasts forever.” (Isaiah 6-7).

Our time on earth is limited and are we nurturing our souls with God’s word? Through God’s word we will be made beautiful, it feeds and nurtures us to grow, it gives us light even when we face darkness. God gives us strength when we are weak! Today, I do Proclaim that God lives and his love is constant and through his Word we are made Holy and beautiful. When our time on earth is done God will restore our souls with him in eternity! Let’s be like the flowers and grass and ask God to help us, through his Word and Holy Spirit, and to forgive and guide us. We don’t want to be “weeds”. Weeds do not have strong roots. They are not beautiful and they try to destroy the grass and flowers. Weeds eventually burn and die. Flowers and grass reproduce beauty, so when they die their legacy of beauty live on! God Bless!

Blossoming in our Faith

“… and from his roots a sprout shall bloom, and the Spirit of Lord will be upon him…” (Isaiah 11:1-10). This verse from Isaiah make the prediction of the Messiah/Jesus. As we enter into this Holiday season how will I change up what I am doing to deepen my faith? Sure, I pray everyday, but is there something I need to do to deepen my prayer life? I have to think on it.

Today I learned the poinsettia growers have an elaborate job in turning the poinsettia plant from green to red. Apparently the plant needs a specific amount of sunlight a day and 12 hours of darkness. If they have less then 12 hours of darkness leaves will not turn red. While the plant sits between sun and darkness it’s leaves are turning a vibrant red. It blossoms into something really beautiful. Isn’t that what the Christmas Season is all about?

I know we are coming off a “shopping weekend” (I bought my Christmas presents). It’s a good time to give to family, loved ones and the poor. It’s also a time to prepare ourselves that Jesus is coming and when he arrives the Christmas season then begins. December 25 isn’t the end of the season, but the beginning. The 12 days of Christmas begin with Christmas Day.

As we take this next few weeks to prepare for Christmas, maybe think about how we can personally “blossom” with Christ? Whatever commitment we make to prepare for Christ coming will also be a process to make us holy and vibrant. Can I sit with Jesus this Holiday season and allow Jesus to just speak to me. To close my eyes and envision our God sitting with me. No talking just listening, allowing his Holy Spirit time to whisper in my ear? Whatever you and I choose to do, it will “blossom our faith” and we will become vibrant. God Bless you today in your discernment.

Plowing through the Unknown

As I was spending time with a friend, I was asked, “what are your hopes and dream?” I pause before I answer, because that is not a simple answer. My hopes and dreams have changed. In my life I have put my faith first. My faith calls me to share my “gifts and talent” with others. My friend repeats the question. I respond, “to plow through life”. Now it’s my friends turn to pause. I explain, what I want is to plow open new territory and plant new seeds for those with whom I am in contact. I want to help others see themselves as God sees them and plant seeds of hope and faith.

In this commitment I have made to God, I feel called to “unknown territory” and this can be tough. You hear the call and you say, “ah no, not today, what your asking me it too big of a task.” Yet the call subtly continues, like whisper to go forward into new territory. The prayer of Jabez sounds in my ears, (1Chronicles 4:10) “Lord, that you would bless me indeed, increase my territory, with your hand upon me that I do not cause pain to others.” Slowly God opens up new territory. I guess when we follow the Holy Spirit our “territory” will increase. Change will happen and the only thing that is constant is God the love he gives us.

As a confirmation of this call, I saw the movie Frozen 2, the theme song is Into The Unknown. The main character Elsa hears a call to venture out of the safety of her world and embark on a new mission. As I watched this show I think that I understand how Elsa is feeling, I reflect on the call and the change my life has taken in recent years. The tug of change into something new. God calls us through the Holy Spirit and we are forever changed.

I guess my hope and dream is to live out my faith in a meaningful way as directed by the Holy Spirit. God Bless and have a great day!!!

Finding Joy in Adversity

Brrrr, we are on day 2.5 of no electricity and heat! Lol… what a Thanksgiving Holiday and yet it’s been so much fun. Last night, as we returned from sharing Thanksgiving with extended family, 2 of my 3 adult children were home. We walked in and the kids had a plan. “Dad get the fire going, Mom dig out the candles, and we will set up the game board”. The chilly night proceeded with a candlelight game of Blockus and plenty of laughter. Even though there is this inconvenience of no heat and light there is this Joy! Joy in adversity! If we had the electricity would we have played a game? Would we have interacted with laughter? I am not quite sure, but I do feel God provided us with a “gift”. The “gift” will continue into today, possible into the evening and tomorrow. Some trees took down the power lines. Takes time to get it all cleaned up and electricity restored.

James 1:2-4,”Consider it all joy, my brothers, when you encounter various trials…”

Romans 5:3-5 “We glory in tribulation as it produces patience and wisdom…. experience the love of God through Holy Spirit…”

This Holiday weekend began with fierce winds, some rain and ended with trees down, cozy fires and lots of laughter. I don’t know, think about it…. fire and wind the Holy Spirit….water is cleansing and Joy and Love God/Jesus. Call me crazy, I couldn’t have predicted how this Holiday weekend would unfold when I woke up to the howling wind on Wednesday, but I would say it’s all good! Happy Thanksgiving! Keep praying and enjoy laughter with those you love!