Creating Community of Joy

Over the weekend I spent much time in prayer. Praying for peace, guidance and wisdom. I knew Monday would have its challenges, so I kept Lord close to me. If ever I had witnessed God hand in action it was yesterday. It’s not that the situations were anything big or out of the ordinary, it’s just the situations could have had different outcomes. I felt the outcomes reached were good.

As the day progressed and I went about my work, I felt a sense of peace and presence of God. It was a good day! It was like our whole work community was at peace and that brought a good feeling. At the end of the day, a colleague and I went to deliver food baskets to persons in our community who were identified as struggling. It began with presenting 2 young mothers with 2 baskets of food. Between the two mothers there were about 6 smiling children ranging in age of 5-10. When they saw the baskets of food all were happy. The gratitude on the parents faces and the joy and laughter from the children was heartwarming.

The rest of the afternoon my friend and I went to 7 other families. Many of which we both knew. Dropping off baskets, being recognized by the kids and the joy that was present at each of these homes. I see the faces of the children whose smiles lit up a city and their desire to hug you and pour out their Joy on you was simply amazing. As I reflected this morning this is my community, my people. Theses families surround us everyday. All the parents are all working hard to support and care for their families. It’s not easy, but they are trying. You can see the weariness on the parents faces, but when you look at the children you know Love prevails in their house, even if life is not perfect for them.

Our communities are worth giving back to through, community service, volunteering in the schools and donating to programs that help those in poverty, and give children of working families a place to go after school so the parents can work. It’s smiling and offering to help the young parent who is trying hard to meet the needs of their children. It giving more love to our community and less judgement.

1John: 1:7 ” if we walk in the light, like he walks in the light , we have fellowship with one another , through the purifying blood of Jesus.”

1 Thessalonians 5:14 “… encourage the disheartened, help the weak and be patient with everyone.”

We are fast approaching a season of Joy, Love and Peace… all this is through Christ, let truly spread good will to others!!! God Bless you all today!

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