Trusting God’s Will

Yesterday I found out that a colleague/friend has a possible opportunity to grow in her career. If this opportunity comes to fruition then I won’t be working with her anymore and this made me sad. We make a good team, we understand each other and we can agree to disagree with no grudges. We have worked together for the most part of 7 years. We have helped each other grow as professionals and as friends. I told her I would pray that “God’s will be done”, in regards to her getting the job.

Like anything, if she leaves someone new comes in and those relationships have to be built. Some personality types fit and some don’t. In the work place I have experienced many personality types, some we are a great fit, some not so great. When we loose someone who is a good fit we don’t know what we will be that persons replacement (the unknown). There is a saying, “Some people come into our lives as blessing and some come into our lives as lessons.” In my processing this possible change to my work place, I wonder who this possible replacement will be and will they be a blessing or a challenge. In the end who knows… it’s all contingent and a wait and see game. It makes you think not to take things for granted.

I finally decided, I am happy for my friend and I want what she thinks will be best for her! In life we have to follow the path God calls us to follow! If God calls her to a new adventure then I will pray for her success. My friends new adventure, leaves those in her “wake” on a new adventure… a new person to work with. I will trust that God’s plan will prevail. No matter the outcome it will be God’s will and lessons will be learned and we (I) will grow! Trusting in God’s will!

Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you -not woe- but a future of hope. Today, I tell you I love our God and I will trust in him. I think of Peter, Paul and the other disciples through God, they trusted and wow, they “moved mountains”. Change is inevitable and individual and organizational growth is most assured, but this is how we “move mountains”.

One thought on “Trusting God’s Will

  1. Jodi Snyder

    I agree completely. I feel so blessed for our team of leadership at school and am thankful for her kindness and supportive leadership and know that Gods hand is in this whether she remains or moves on.

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