Finding Joy in Adversity

Brrrr, we are on day 2.5 of no electricity and heat! Lol… what a Thanksgiving Holiday and yet it’s been so much fun. Last night, as we returned from sharing Thanksgiving with extended family, 2 of my 3 adult children were home. We walked in and the kids had a plan. “Dad get the fire going, Mom dig out the candles, and we will set up the game board”. The chilly night proceeded with a candlelight game of Blockus and plenty of laughter. Even though there is this inconvenience of no heat and light there is this Joy! Joy in adversity! If we had the electricity would we have played a game? Would we have interacted with laughter? I am not quite sure, but I do feel God provided us with a “gift”. The “gift” will continue into today, possible into the evening and tomorrow. Some trees took down the power lines. Takes time to get it all cleaned up and electricity restored.

James 1:2-4,”Consider it all joy, my brothers, when you encounter various trials…”

Romans 5:3-5 “We glory in tribulation as it produces patience and wisdom…. experience the love of God through Holy Spirit…”

This Holiday weekend began with fierce winds, some rain and ended with trees down, cozy fires and lots of laughter. I don’t know, think about it…. fire and wind the Holy Spirit….water is cleansing and Joy and Love God/Jesus. Call me crazy, I couldn’t have predicted how this Holiday weekend would unfold when I woke up to the howling wind on Wednesday, but I would say it’s all good! Happy Thanksgiving! Keep praying and enjoy laughter with those you love!

One thought on “Finding Joy in Adversity

  1. Hopefully power has been restored and stays on. Some of my best memories are nights without electricity. Heating the house by Franklin stove, fireplace and a pot belly stove. We really had it made for those cold winter days. Our appliances were gas as well.
    Love candle light.


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