Plowing through the Unknown

As I was spending time with a friend, I was asked, “what are your hopes and dream?” I pause before I answer, because that is not a simple answer. My hopes and dreams have changed. In my life I have put my faith first. My faith calls me to share my “gifts and talent” with others. My friend repeats the question. I respond, “to plow through life”. Now it’s my friends turn to pause. I explain, what I want is to plow open new territory and plant new seeds for those with whom I am in contact. I want to help others see themselves as God sees them and plant seeds of hope and faith.

In this commitment I have made to God, I feel called to “unknown territory” and this can be tough. You hear the call and you say, “ah no, not today, what your asking me it too big of a task.” Yet the call subtly continues, like whisper to go forward into new territory. The prayer of Jabez sounds in my ears, (1Chronicles 4:10) “Lord, that you would bless me indeed, increase my territory, with your hand upon me that I do not cause pain to others.” Slowly God opens up new territory. I guess when we follow the Holy Spirit our “territory” will increase. Change will happen and the only thing that is constant is God the love he gives us.

As a confirmation of this call, I saw the movie Frozen 2, the theme song is Into The Unknown. The main character Elsa hears a call to venture out of the safety of her world and embark on a new mission. As I watched this show I think that I understand how Elsa is feeling, I reflect on the call and the change my life has taken in recent years. The tug of change into something new. God calls us through the Holy Spirit and we are forever changed.

I guess my hope and dream is to live out my faith in a meaningful way as directed by the Holy Spirit. God Bless and have a great day!!!

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