Blossoming in our Faith

“… and from his roots a sprout shall bloom, and the Spirit of Lord will be upon him…” (Isaiah 11:1-10). This verse from Isaiah make the prediction of the Messiah/Jesus. As we enter into this Holiday season how will I change up what I am doing to deepen my faith? Sure, I pray everyday, but is there something I need to do to deepen my prayer life? I have to think on it.

Today I learned the poinsettia growers have an elaborate job in turning the poinsettia plant from green to red. Apparently the plant needs a specific amount of sunlight a day and 12 hours of darkness. If they have less then 12 hours of darkness leaves will not turn red. While the plant sits between sun and darkness it’s leaves are turning a vibrant red. It blossoms into something really beautiful. Isn’t that what the Christmas Season is all about?

I know we are coming off a “shopping weekend” (I bought my Christmas presents). It’s a good time to give to family, loved ones and the poor. It’s also a time to prepare ourselves that Jesus is coming and when he arrives the Christmas season then begins. December 25 isn’t the end of the season, but the beginning. The 12 days of Christmas begin with Christmas Day.

As we take this next few weeks to prepare for Christmas, maybe think about how we can personally “blossom” with Christ? Whatever commitment we make to prepare for Christ coming will also be a process to make us holy and vibrant. Can I sit with Jesus this Holiday season and allow Jesus to just speak to me. To close my eyes and envision our God sitting with me. No talking just listening, allowing his Holy Spirit time to whisper in my ear? Whatever you and I choose to do, it will “blossom our faith” and we will become vibrant. God Bless you today in your discernment.

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